• iHologram is Fake All Major News Blogs Fooled

    Have you seen iHologram yet? It looks totally awesome check out the vid!

    [ame="http://www.vimeo.com/1496857"]iHologram - iPhone application on Vimeo[/ame]

    Too bad it's completely fake. Yesterday the creator of the video admitted to the fraud.

    "*my hosts have taken down this site for the last day… they say the attention from digg overloaded their servers, please take it easy guys…*

    The iHologram has become one of the All time most popular videos on Vimeo in the space of a day, and is currently on the front page of almost every technology site… I’m getting way too many emails about it, so for those who had to know:

    The iHologram app was not real. It was an illustration of an idea I had which I believe could work with the technology (combining anamorphosis and motion sensing). Unfortunately I’m just an ideas person, and I can show how things should look, but I’m no hardcore programmer.

    I’d be happy to collaborate with a developer or studio who want’s to make it happen, I’m bursting with ideas for the interactive world, but right now all my attention is on filmmaking.

    My aim with this was to tackle the problem of 3d viewing in an original way using current technology, not fool anyone… so for those who doubted but still supported it, respect. I hope it inspires some talented programmers out there."

    [via daveoreilly]
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