• Ridiculous iPhone Prices for India and Russia

    About 5 days ago India kicked off it's iPhone sales on Airtel and Vodafone with a price of Rs 31,000 for the 8 GB model. In US dollars that is about $715 for the iPhone. The iPhone is pretty cool, but not quite that cool from where i sit. Apparently India agrees and Vodafone has been quick to respond dropping the price of the iPhone by a whole Rs 2,000 or $47. That still doesn't seem like much to me.

    India isn't the only place with ridiculous iPhone prices. The iPhone is set to launch in Russia something in October for an estimated price of 24,000 Rubles or $990. What's going on Apple? I thought the plan was to dominate the world with iPhones. You'd have to be half insane to pay those prices!

    [via yahoo and engadgetmobile]
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