• [Rumor] iPod Touch Firmware 2.1 and iTunes 8 in 3-4 Weeks

    Do ya'll know who Kevin Rose is? He's the co-founder of Digg. These days he seems to have a hobby of making predictions of what Apple is going to do next. His latest great super secret info says that the iPod Touch will have firmware 2.1 and iTunes 8 will be released in the next 3-4 weeks.

    Of course if history repeats itself don't hold too much weight in this rumor -- Kevin isn't on a great streak with his most recent predictions.

    - The iPhone 3g would have a front facing camera Nope
    - The iPhone 3g would be launched in June Nope
    - The iPhone 3g would be launched the second week of June Nope
    - A low-end iPhone would be added to the lineup for the price of $200 coinciding with the 3g launch So close, except subsidizing, not a cheap low-end version so Nope

    [via kevinrose]
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