• The XiPhone Project [Windows]

    Remember when things on windows used to be difficult and ages behind OS X releases? Soon to enter the fray currently occupied by WinPwn and
    QuickPwn will be XiPhone.

    Why another one? The developers of XiPhone would like to address the primary flaws that exist in both QuickPwn and WinPwn. Both curret programs lack lack the backing of the Windows API as well as the backing of a real development environment. XiPhone is based on XPWN and looks like it will become a nice alternative assisting Windows users in freeing the iPhone / iPod Touch.

    • Auto downloading of stock firmware files from apple’s site (no need to hunt for it then select it)
    • Wizard based modern GUI (created with .net 2.0), and Vista Style UI.
    • Export of firmware settings so users can pass around an XML file which contains a configuration that works for them.
    • Auto updates to the XiPhone software.
    • Automatic conversion of images to PNG format
    • Saving of configurations to XML format for fast loading.
    • Community based wallpapers used for bootscreen, Restore screen and others
    • Enabling / Disabling of options available based on the device you select.
    Now XiPhone would like you're help with some friendly feedback and suggestions for their project. Post 'em up folks!
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