• Tris: Game Over!

    According to a recent post at Tris blog, the developer announces that this game is over! The developer has received a notice from Apple, who have been contacted by the owners of the Tetris copyright and have requested the developer remove the app.

    Well — I've received notice from Apple that they've been contacted by The Tetris® Company about Tris. That, I'm afraid, is essentially game over. Do they have a case? No. Not really. I am convinced that if it went to court, the "copyright" claim would get thrown out completely. The trademark, perhaps not — but if I changed the name, to e.g. “Trys”, that would be much harder for them to argue. The trouble is, I'm a college student, and not an affluent one, and I simply do not have the time, energy, or resources to fight this battle right now.
    Download the app while it is alive on the appstore! Sorry Tris and Noah, we will miss you!

    [Two Finger Play Blog]
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