• Verizon iPhone Antenna Attenuation Issues


    We are all far to familiar with the good ol "death grip" associated with the iPhone 4, so it's no surprise that similar issue are affectsing the Verizon iPhone even with its new antenna design.

    iLounge has posted a video demonstrating the loss of cellular signal strength with the same "death grip", even crippling Wi-Fi reception by holding the device in your palms, dubbed the "death hug".

    It had been thought that the Verizon phone would function somewhat differently as far as how the antenna works, but it appears it used the same design and carries the same flaws as the original iPhone 4.

    While it should be noted, that this is generally only a huge issue if you already have a poor signal to begin with. I've been in many situations, where if the signal is strong to start, it won't attenuate nearly as much.

    It's hard to disagree with the video. Any other Verizon users showing the same issues?

    Verizon iPhone 4 antenna problems persist (video) | iLounge News
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