• QuickPwn for Mac Finally out!

    Recently, we witnessed the release of WinPwn 2.5. The Dev Team is right behind them with the launch of QuickPwn for Mac.

    After a solid wait, Mac users can now have a piece of the QuickPwn cake. DevTeam Friday released the QuickPwn tool for Mac. For those of you who don't yet know, QuickPwn is basically a simpler and easier solution to jailbreak your iPhone - of which Windows users have had the monopoly for a few weeks.

    The interface is essentially similar to the PwnageTool. QuickPwn is not a replacement for Pwnage but rather another jailbreak solution for the noobs and hasty people. This tool has the same features as QuickPwn for Windows.

    For the time being, there's just a torrent release - but the DevTeam mirror should be up within next 12 hours. We've put up a quick MediaFire mirror here. MMi Member can download it here.

    Torrent Download

    [DevTeam Blog]
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