• iPod Classic Supplies Dwindle: Discontinued or Update?

    Earlier this month, we discuss the possibility of iPod Classics getting new hard drives that almost double or triple the original capacity they have once been limited to. AppleBitch reports that the iPod classic supplies are drying up at Target, Amazon (2), Best Buy and even Apple is giving a 1-3 days before shipping. Even with no real big firmware updates in some time, the Classic does remain to sell decent.

    Now the question is, with these dwindling supplies, does this show signs of potentially being discontinued, or will these new hard drives prove to be a worthy update for the product line? Currently the supply shortage only seems to be affecting the silver colored model.

    The iPod classic has not been in over a year. What do you think?

    Source: Rumor: iPod Classic Stock Low, Updated Or Discontinued Soon? (Updated) | Apple *****
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