• Belkin Game Controller Coming with Apple SDK Support?

    Edit: Busted

    What does the iPhone lack when gaming? Buttons. Although it has a very nice touch screen and nifty controls via the accelerometer those just don't seem to stand up when trying to play games in my opinion. In the past we have seen creations like iControlPad to make a jailbroken iPhone a better gaming device.

    Now some mysterious images have popped up suggesting that Belkin is in the process of creating a game controller specifically designed for the iPhone. If a big company like Belkin is creating it there is little doubt there would have to be Apple support -- Belkin wouldn't be creating a product targeted just at jailbroken phones. What does this mean? Possible SDK support for game controllers in future SDKs directly from Apple. If these are all real the iPhone could become a legitament gaming device in the future to compete with popular units like the PSP. Keep in mind there is a good chance this is nothing more than a hoax

    [via toucharcade]
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