• SwirlyMMS Coming to Firmware 2.x Soon!

    Remember when MMS finally reached Jailbroken iPhones via SwirlyMMS back in December adding MMS receiving support in March? Great news! SwirlyMMS is nearly ready for iPhones running 2.x firmware!

    From SwirlyMMS:

    "Dear Swirly Users,

    We know that many of you are wondering what is going on with the so much sought after release for firmware 2.x. We have been working really hard lately and today we were able to send and receive the first MMSs between different devices running firmware 2.x on iPhone 3G and 2G!

    Of course, you are all wondering when will this be made public? It is hard to say, and you all know how bad I am at making guesstimates... There are a few issues left, not major ones, but still issues, until we can make an official 1.2 release for the 2.x firmware. So lets say maybe two weeks from now. Maybe, maybe...

    Stay tuned!

    Greetings from the SwirlySpace team, Tommy & Mats"

    Check the attachments below for some screenshots of SwirlyMMS in action on 2.0.X

    [via swirlyspace]

    thanks JazJon for the Tip!

    Edit Poseidon: For AT&T users:
    As of now (with 1.1.4 and below) the only way to get MMS working on the phone is to use a program to clone a fake (non-iphone) IMEI to your device and get customer service to put you on a non-iphone plan. The reason for this is every 48 hours or so the system does a sweep and disables MMS for any account that has an iPhone IMEI. It's not good enough to just tell the customer service rep a different IMEI because the system can actually communicate with your device and disable your account. The reason I know this is because I use a 2G iphone for my MMS with a fake IMEI (from a Samsung GO Phone) to send and receive MMS. If I put my SIM card in my 3G phone for a few days and then swap it back to my 2G phone I get that "Forbidden" message for 48 hours or so... then all of a sudden it starts to work again because the system has sensed a non-iPhone IMEI again.

    Conclusion: Until we can fake the IMEI on the device itself we will have no consistent way to send/receive MMS on AT&T.
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