• FlyCast - Solid Last.FM & Pandora Competitor

    I know we all love Pandora but unfortunately its future is in question . New to the AppStore is FlyCast (previously known as FlyTunes) which provides a solid alternative. Now FlyCast doesn't have the "awesome figure out what I want to listen to technology" like Pandora but it holds its own in the iPhone streaming music app department. FlyTunes is more like Sirius except with a lot more channels and some neat features built in.

    • Over 1000 channels. If you can't find a couple channels that play the music you want to hear out of 1000 I don't know what's wrong with you.
    • Web browsing while you listen. The fact that Apple doesn't allow any third party apps to run in the background bugs me. Especially while using Pandora. Listening to a music app (other than iTunes) while browsing the net or checking mail should be allowed. FlyCast has got the web browsing down by building a browsing window directly into their App. Nice idea. I like it.

    • Conserve Battery. This feature in FlyCast downloads music in large amounts and then turns off making it so you are not using your 3g connection the entire time you're listening. I'm not sure if it actually works but if it does that is a big plus. Pandora drains my battery.

    The App works how you would expect. Search for an artist, keyword, or shoutcast and it brings up a list of channels that you might like. Listen, bookmark, etc. the normal expected features are there.

    At the end of the day Pandora is still my favorite of all the Music Apps. It knows what I like to listen to. I don't have to do any thinking or browsing around to find good music. Last.fm I have never really liked, it plays things at me that I don't like consistently. FlyTunes is a very good music player once you find a couple channels that suit your taste and the extra features make it pleasant to use. For now I will be sticking with Pandora as my main streaming music app hands down. If Pandora leaves us FlyCast will be with out a doubt my second choice.

    If you want FlyCast just follow this link to grab it from the AppStore for free.
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