• Review: Star Wars The Force Unleashed (iPhone)

    Just released on the AppStore is the highly anticipated game Star Wars The Force Unleashed. It is available for download now for $9.99 here.
    Experience the Star Wars universe as never before. The devastating power of the Force is in your hands. You are Darth Vader's Secret Apprentice, trained by the menacing Sith Lord to hunt down the last of the Jedi. Unleash a barrage of Force Powers - including Grip, Lightning, Jedi Mind Trick and much more - at the flick of your fingers you tap, touch and swipe your way through enemies . . .
    The game starts out as expected with the classic Star Wars screen describing the plot.

    In this game you are Darth Vader's secret apprentice with the goal of defeating the Emperor. You must operate in secret while hunting Jedi so the Emporer doesn't discover your existence. You better destroy all those you come across!

    Lets get down to the game. The first level you depart aboard your ship off to kill Master Kota. While on board the ship you have a training exercise to learn how to use your force powers. One you complete the training exercise you continue and start the level. Something you learn very quickly is that the accelerometer is not used at all in this game. Game control is touch screen only.

    A lot of things go on now with multiple options of force powers to use. Defensive and offensive commonly appear on the screen at the same time giving you a choice on how to fight and requiring good attention and decent reflexes in order to successfully attack and defend.

    Tip: If you pause the game (the bottom left arrow on the screen) you can view your current force powers and how to use them. This is useful if you can't remember some commands that you haven't memorized (force heal and jedi mind trick are very useful).

    Uh oh time to fight Master Kota. This part of the level is a bit repetitive as you cycle through a couple different views and use your available attacks to weaken down Master Kota. Stay alive and go through the motions to defeat him.

    After you pass the level you gain some new force powers and do another quick training session on the ship to learn how to use your new powers. Hey we gained force push and pull!

    Hey we're on the second level with the intention of defeating Shaak Ti. Look at all those enemies you need to rack up on the way.

    At this point in the game you run into another repetitive series to defeat the level's boss. Here on the second level there is a bit of a twist requiring a some basic problem solving. Maybe the beast way to defeat Shaak Ti is to change up the force power you are using and borrow a little help from that plant.

    After defeating Shaak Ti we continue on in our journey and gain another force power on the way!

    This game is unique in what I'm going to call "big name" iPhone games (read games coming from major game companies). Where many other games rely on the accelerometer for gameplay The Force Unleashed doesn't use it all and gameplay is entirely dictated by the touch screen. The controls are easy to learn and the game is quick to pick up.

    At first I was concerned that I would be drawing the same symbols on my screen over and over. Luckily that may not be the case. Some thinking is required as early as level 2 and the added force powers in every level have kept things fresh and interesting. Star Wars The Force Unleashed has the potential to stay interesting to many levels -- perhaps the entire game unlike Spore which I found painfully repetitive for 30 levels.

    After the first couple of levels my initial feelings say it is worth the $9.99 price tag assuming the game advances in difficulty, challenges, and force powers as it has so far.

    EDIT. 6 LEVELs??!!?! Don't buy this game I can think of a lot of better things to spend $10 on for an hour of entertainment.
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