• Leopard 10.5.5 + Pwnage = error 1600?

    Anyone else tried to restore a custom firmware after updating to 10.5.5 and get error 1600?! I've tried 3 times and ended up resorting to Quickpwn.

    I have read several other people having problems so please post up your results! Thanks.

    This would potentially only apply to stock iphones... if the phone in already in an pwned state then it will continue to accept custom firmwares.

    Update: I followed tatoojack's instructions and completely deleted pwnage. Re-downloaded it... uncompressed on my desktop, then created a folder called pwnage tool in Applications. I then put pwnage, the 2.1 firmare file and both bootloaders in there. Finally created a new custom firmware and successfully DFU restored to 2.1.
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