• Mysterious iPhone Data Matrix Revealed!

    According to a latest report at engadget, an Australian guy was actually able to locate the matrix code on back side of an iPhone (just by chance)!

    This is not the actual data matrix which was found but just a googled image!

    This guy was just test driving his camcorder's night vision when he found this interesting bit hidden under the left side of rear panel. Though he was unable to recognize what it was but soon understood that it was a data matrix code!

    Why can't we see this?

    Now, when I saw this, I thought it to be another photoshopped pic but it is actually present there. Just flash some light on the rear panel's left side to make it visible.

    Possibly, this code could be a minor matrix with the IMEI etc imprinting but maybe apple wants us to think the same by hiding (not really) it in front of our eyes!

    So, for now we leave it to all you decoding geeks. So, get your hands on one of the decoder apps on AppStore and decode the iPhone mystery the iPhone style.

    [Whirlpool Australian Forums via Engadget]
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