• Did Apple clear out all the security flaws with 2.1? Nope, they didn't...

    Remember the major security threat introduced with 2.0.2 which allowed anyone to access all the major phone application even if you had a passcode?

    Apple said that they fixed the security. But, actually security not completely fixed. Another major bug still exists (one that has been around forever). The Emergency Call mode in passcode screen which is just meant to call emergency numbers like 911 can actually be used to call any number!

    This is a big flaw as anyone can make a call and make you pay a big bill if somehow he/ she gets the phone! This means that iPhone Passcode is a big failure as anyone can access the main feature of iPhone really easily even if you think you have secured it.

    You can reproduce the bug as follows:

    • Set a passcode lock.
    • Lock the phone and slide to unlock.
    • Click on the Emergency call button and dial any number of your choice.

    Though, apple can fix it by just an update, I think the better way is to add a setting to lock each app with a different code even if you are on the main screen. This feature could also be great in the sense that we can protect all our personal stuff (like messages, videos ).

    We think Apple would adopt the first method but Steve, please think about the second one too!

    [MacRumors iPhone Blog]
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