• icanmakegameplz Trism + AppStore + $125,000 a Month = Win

    Anyone with a bit of programing knowledge can make some serious cash on the AppStore. All you need is an original idea, solid execution, nice looking graphics, patience, coding know-how, and a little luck and you too can produce a big hit on the Apple AppStore.

    I was reading wired today and noticed that the Developer of Trism, Steve Demeter, successfully combined all of these together and has been a big success on the AppStore. How big? Well $250,000 in the last two months isn't just loose change that I found in my couch last night (I found $1.15. I was excited).

    Demeter started developing Trism back in the Installer days before the AppStore existed as a distribution medium for developers. Trism was free and could only be installed on Jailbroken iPhones. The distribution platform was through Installer (we hosted Trism back then) and had a limited reach to our freakin awesome modding community. Since the AppStore came along Demeter's App has reached the hands of the millions that are fearful of jailbreaking and Demeter has been doing great with the tools and lessons he picked up pre-SDK.

    Hey Demeter, if you are still keeping an eye on us Jailbreakers and need some help spending your money MMi will accept donations. We could really use about 6 beefy servers at the moment -- contact us for some specs

    All joking aside my preferences are Jameson, Patron, and Crown Royal. Kyle (poetic_folly) enjoys Gray Goose, Level, and Silver Patron. I'm just kidding. Seriously . . . we'll be watching and waiting to see what your next App idea turns out to be!
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