• New Installer 4.0b8!

    RipDev has released the Installer 4.0b8 publically! This is the last update since the 4.0b6 which removed quite a few bugs. The reason they mention for the late release being swamped with work.

    This new version switches to libcurl from the stock Foundation URL loading classes, which means more lightweight CPU and memory footprint and, more importantly, resumable file transfers. They also mention that there will be some more bug fixes.

    Another great thing is that they have changed the functioning of the feature page. Now the featured page has featured stuff in it's true sense. I mean to say that now it displays the most popular (number of installations) packages on the featured page. Though there will be a few sponsored package too (for obvious reasons ) but they will be easily distinguishable and will be less in number (<3).

    Another improvement done is that the community sources ae updated to reflect the change in name of ModMyiF0ne (intentionally mispelled) to ModMyi. It also removes some useless and outdated sources.

    Also, now they are willing to host some packages from devs and will do everything (including scripting) themselves for your convenience for free. Just contact them.

    P.S. It's already included in the last Pwnage Tool

    [RipDev Blog]
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