• Firmware 2.2 Already Jailbroken

    Once again iPhone-Dev has jailbroken Apple's latest iPhone firmware before it has been released. Firmware version 2.2 Beta 1 was seeded to developers just over a day ago but is still vulnerable to pwnage. Below is a screenie of Terminal running on firmware 2.2 Beta 1.

    Some nifty info regarding this newest firmware. With firmware 2.2 beta 1 Apple follows the a familiar pattern of naming their firmware versions. Remember they have been "Alpine" for awhile now -- 2.2 Beta 1 is called "Timberline." Also to note Apple has returned to putting expiry dates on their beta releases. 2.2 Beta 1 expires on November 30th.

    On other fronts iphone-dev is still working on the 3g unlock and jailbreak for the iPod Touch 2g. We'll have to stay tuned as they will be trying some hardware based testing on the iPod Touch 2g over the weekend.

    [via iphone-dev]
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