• Purchasing now mandatory to review AppStore apps!

    You will see the above error from now if you review any app without purchasing.

    This is a big reform in the review system of AppStore. There has been complaints about some useless reviews which made the position and sales of apps declined in the store. Finally, Apple has decided to change this faulty system. For this, they have made it mandatory to buy the app before you review it so you can't just write idiotic reviews or overcome your anger...

    Even this was a big weapon for the developer of the competing apps. They could easily spoil the reputation of the other apps by writing crazy reviews and even spoil the rating.

    In short, this is a great step taken by Apple to improve the functioning of the AppStore and make it a fairer place for both the sellers and the buyers.

    Though current problem is that the free apps will still be littered with some crappy reviews but we can now be sure that the paid apps we buy are worth our money.
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