• Crack Down on Cracked Apps

    The two popular cracked app spots known mostly as "the place to get it and get out" (No forums, just cracked apps for miles) have fallen to retaliation against app crackers.

    Appstorecracked lost all of its links to cracked apps this morning. Themobileapps.com fell last week and has shown no signs of re-emerging.

    The two large cracked app spots are the first "big" spots to show retaliation against cracked apps. While themobileapps seems to have been completely stripped from the server, appstorecracked simply had it's app database removed this morning from 4shared and I'd bet you will see the site itself fall very shortly. With two sites falling we are probably just on the cusp of the tidal wave of actions against cracked apps.

    As Apple continues it's fight to keep the iphone under their financial control, the war between users and Apple has seemed to spark almost a challenge for users to beat Apple at their own game. Crackers after all are not thieves, they are hackers. They do it for the thrill. Sort of like jailbreakers are, but they cross the lines of legality whereas jailbreakers are just hacking the firmware for kicks with no illegal activity.

    You can bet Apple will continue this war further as more sites pop up, and Apple's attack wages on. Remember modmyi.com has has to change its name not once but twice to avoid litigation from Apple and MMi doesn't distribute warez. While we don't have solid confirmation this was the doing of Apple or an app company, it is very likely that they played a roll. Remember there is big money to protect on the AppStore. Big Money = Big lawyers = Big lawsuits. We can only expect both Apple and appstore application development companies to become more aggressive about protecting apps in the future.

    edit: Nefarious says themobileapps was sold. appstorecracked had their files removed from 4shared for copyright violations for sure
    edit 2: before themobileapps most recently disappeared they have been kicked around a bunch of different hosts since hosts don't like hosting sites that distribute warez
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