• Politicians Get OUT OF MY IPHONE

    Thank you Obama. While I tend to lean a little right during presidential elections my vote has been swinging back and forth between you and McCain so far this election. In fact I do have a minor lack of confidence latey in Palin as the right person to lead this country in the case that McCain's health fails (hes old with some health issues ya know) and it was going to make Election '08 a tough choice for me.

    My day goes something like this. Phone calls right when I wake up feeding me some one-sided view. On the way to work I ride the light rail and read the newspaper, usually containing some biased opinion about you or McCain which I attempt to avoid reading. Some more phone calls from one side or the other trying to get my vote. Then I go to lunch. Walking down the outdoor mall to buy food I get harassed by nice young people (usually from the democratic party) telling me whatever BS sounds nice trying to win over my vote. Then I go back to work and usually have a phone call or two from friends where we discuss the election (the only time I actually have an enlightened conversation concerning politics). Ride home on light rail . . . alright I wont go on the trend continues

    I hear and see lopsided views concerning Election '08 all day long. Political parties are getting way too invasive into life. I didn't ask for phone calls. I didn't ask to be chased down the street. I didn't ask for a freaking AppStore app.

    I see you have published a nice little app. I must admit that it is well done and feature rich. I also will concede that it was most likely a great move by your team. I wish I has thought of it and sold you the idea.

    Now I can get my Obama fix easily and conveniently from my phone with your very clean app. I can watch videos on youtube, read some news, subscribe to your txt msg and email updates, figure out where the local dems are holding events, read your policies on the issues, sign up to work for you (for free), and even call my friends in battleground states to force my political views on with the awesome battle ground state contact call list. If that isn't enough I can also choose to give you money!

    Get out of my phone Obama. Your app annoys me. Politicians already push their policies and agendas in enough mediums during election time. Campaign propaganda is unavoidable. I shiver at the thought that minor local candidates for future elections may follow in your footsteps and flood the AppStore with biased crap.

    This kind of thing doesn't belong on the AppStore from either party or any candidate. Yes I realize I don't have to download it but I don't feel that it needs to be there in the first place. Thank you Apple for rejecting solid apps like Podcaster (don't worry we have you covered) while allowing the AppStore to be flooded with countless numbers of countdown apps, tip calculators, other mindless crap, and now propaganda direct from Politicians.


    while discussion is encouraged here, if you can't help but post things insulting people for their political beliefs then kindly do not post.

    Oh yeah and to all the devs, designers, and management that made this app happen: Raven Zachary, Jason Grigsby, Jonathan Wight, Lyza Gardner, Aileen Jeffries, John Keith, Dom Sagolla, Mike Lee, Louie Mantia, Tristan O’Tierney. Very well done. Creative way to support your candidate of choice and I'm impressed. I'm not fond of this avenue being opened as a possibility for Politicians to campaign. Or maybe I'm jealous. Either way well executed app.

    edit: I see ads on my site that I have never seen before since I typically avoid politics when I post. I see Election '08 ads. I almost regret writing this post.
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