• EU Directive Could Force iPhone Removable Battery

    When your battery fails on your iPhone you either have to void your warranty and replace it yourself (assuming you have the technical knowledge) or have Apple replace the battery for you.

    The European Union doesn't seem to like the idea of a non-removable batteries in mobile phones and is considering the creation of a requirement that all mobile phone's must have easily replaceable batteries. If passed through this directive could force Apple to make the iPhone battery more easily replaceable via a rear cover that slides off or a couple screws allowing access to the battery. The battery would also need some sort of connector to allow easy swapping instead of the current design that has the battery soldered in.

    The primary issue behind the directive being on the table is prevention of batteries from ending up in land fills and hurting the environment. If passed Apple may be able to get out of this directive by claiming that their battery replacement program keeps batteries out of land fills it would be more convenient for consumers to have an easily replaceable battery.

    The iPhone 3g burns through it's battery in about a day under normal use. It would be nice just to throw in another battery and keep on truckin'.

    [New Electronics via cnet, appleinsider]
    image from ifixit
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