• Apple is iPhone - Quarterly Results In

    Apple's fiscal 4th quarter has been released with increases across the board. During the quarter Apple made $7.9 billion making for a profit of $1.14 billion during the quarter. This is up from $904 million in the same quarter last year.

    Much of this success is centered around the iPhone 3g. In the quarter Apple sold an incredible 6.9 million iPhones which means they have already reached their 10 million iPhone goal for 2008 and there are still two more months of sales left.

    The iPhone now accounts for 39% of Apple's business. Nice move entering the mobile phone market Apple. Not only is the iPhone a dominant part of Apple now it is also rising up the charts in mobile phone sales versus all other companies. The iPhone outsold Blackberry devices by 800,000 in the quarter.

    Other Apple products are also doing well. Mac sales were up 21% and iPod sales were up 8% for the quarter.

    [via bbc]
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