• Play Puzzllotto Win up to $30,000

    United Lemur Inc. the creators behind the AppStore game Puzzllotto are having a contest where you can win up to $30,000 by solving the puzzle.

    The contest started earlier today. Every day that no one has solved the puzzel $1,000 is added to the prize for up to 30 days. The idea is that people will be strategizing and even if someone solves the puzzle in 10 mins they'll wait to submit the solution so the prize money and winnings can increase.

    Puzzllotto is in the same spirit as Zort or Myst. You are given no instructions for gameplay and have to figure out everything yourself including the solution to the puzzle. The game is set in the jungle and there are a few creatures in the game: Lemur which is your guide as you walk through the forest discovering secrets, Fosa which are terrifying and should be watched out for and Butterflies which are worth their weight in ariary (Madagascar currency).

    If you want to play and try to win you can buy Puzzllotto from the app store for $4.99. 10% of the price of the game is donated to the Madagascar Fauna Group. Not all people can participate in the contest for official rules click here.

    Every day it will be announced at 12 noon Pacific Time if anyone has won yet on Twitter.

    Get your game on!
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