• iPhones for Congress. Your Tax Dollars at Work.

    According to TheHill.com House members elected to the next Congress could be getting Apple iPhones as their communications device.

    The Chief Administrative Office (CAO) which handles the communications systems for the House has been testing iPhones lately to see if they are appropriate for the needs of Congress members and staff.

    "The reason were trying them out is because we heard a lot of people wanted the option to have them, said Jeff Ventura, a spokesman for the CAO. Do they need the iPhone? Probably not.

    Anyways the decision to whether or not our tax dollars will be used to replace Congress's fleet of 8,200 Blackberry devices will be made by the beginning of the next Congress in January.

    Does that money really need to be spent on iPhones? Well it's either going to be iPhones or Blackberries and the price ranges are fairly similar. Sure if Congress wants to make the switch I say why not?

    [TheHill via theiphoneblog]
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