• Sonic Vox in time for Halloween

    Smule the creators of Sonic Lighter have another interesting little app out called Sonic Vox. What Sonic Vox does is it changes your voice on the fly while you talk into the iPhone. The video below is a nice demonstration of the app in progress.

    It looked intriguing so I grabbed a copy and tried it out. I was surprised that it was really able to change my voice in real time. I wasn't expecting the iPhone to have quite that much processing power capability.

    What I like:
    • It really does work in real-time. No delay between your words and its output.
    • Easy to change the the pitch and echo over your voice with the touch screen controls left-right for pitch up-down for echo.
    • Great fun if you find a nice situation to use it in. My thoughts are it is just in time for halloween to scare kids that visit the house
    What I don't like:
    Basically everything I don't like has to do with the limitations Apple has placed on AppStore devs. This app would be totally brilliant if you could use it to make a phone call and change your voice to fool your friends when you call them etc. As is you need to hook your iPhone into an external speaker system and use the iPhone as a microphone -- hooking your iphone into the microphone port on your computer system for a VOIP call could be endlessly fun as well. Just talking into the phone and expecting the crappy phone speaker to provide any kind of decent feedback is completely unreasonable.

    What I would like to see:
    A jailbroken version that doesn't have AppStore restrictions would be absolutely awesome. That's all there is to it.

    Edit: Yes I realize that Spoof App for jailbreakers does everything I want. The problem is it routes your phone call through their servers and you have to buy minutes making it expensive to use. I want an app that does all the things above and makes the phone calls through my cell phone service which is already paid for .

    You should buy this app if you have an external speaker system to plug your phone into and have an idea on what to use it for. It can be very entertaining and great fun. Unfortunately because of the Apple AppStore restrictions is isn't as brilliant as it could be which is a total shame . boo Apple

    If you have a use or want it for a little entertainment you can grab Sonic Vox from the AppStore for $0.99 right here.
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