• New FastMac iv Promises to Triple iPhone 3G Battery Life

    FastMac has just released their second-generation iv battery pack. The new battery pack delivers 24 hours of talk time, 750 hours or 31 day of standby, over 20 hours of video and almost 72 hours of audio playback time. The battery powering the iv is rated at 3100mAh and can power and charge you iPhone at the same time. The extended battery for the iPhone also adds a built-in flash and can charge USB devices concurrently.

    Depending on your iPhone 3G settings, you could get triple or even up to quadruple the battery life.

    Some already are complaining about the bulkiness and size of the iv, however it's also the size that allows the iv to have the convenient extra add-ons. For instance, the new charger showcases a USB port for charging a second device that can charge both an iPhone and a USB-based device. Also, the built-in LED flash doubles as an emergency flashlight while serving as the flash for the iPhone camera. The somewhat bulky iv also houses an additional pair of speakers to amplify the iPhoneís sound.

    The charger is contained within a soft to the touch, non-slip case that fits into a universal dock or an iPhone dock. Also, it's compatible with all iPhone models, although the triple battery life guarantee only applies to the 3G. Itís also compliant with the iPod touch and another nice extra feature is that it can even charge an iPod nano.

    The FastMac iv is now shipping and costs $80, and this price is pretty reasonable relative to its competitors who cannot even offer the same battery life boost.

    Source: iPodNN | FastMac iV for iPhone 3G charges multiple devices,
    FastMac | Product - iPhone External Battery Pack
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