• Rock Obama!

    Check out the video. Need I say more? Soon to be on the AppStore the Rock Obama iPhone game by Sad Ninja comedy looks like a lot of hilarity and fun! You may not be Obama and you may not ever experience the campaign trail but with Rock Obama you can spend hours of fun showing off your dance moves on the stage in order to get your popularity rating up! The better you dance and the more dance moves you pull off the more the voting public will give you a higher popularity rating on your way to change. Be sure not to miss the Podiums though because your popularity will plummet!

    Unfortunately it wont hit the AppStore in time for you to be all the Obama you can be while waiting in the polling lines but it will be released soon and probably still be pretty relevant and fun. Keep an eye out for the release on the AppStore and then grab it quick because Rock Obama will only be free for a short time.

    Besides the game the Rock Obama app will also feature the full length video of Sad Ninja's Obama rock-and-roll comedy released a couple days ago in HD on youtube. Need a laugh before the polls? Watch the Rock Obama comedy below.

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