• Screenies of Podcast Downloads & AppStore Categories in iPhone f/w 2.2

    Schimanke has leaked some new photo's of the new podcast download feature in firmware 2.2 that we previously wrote about. As expected it appears that the Podcasts can be downloaded from the iTunes store over the iPhone's 3g connection.

    Whether or not these podcast downloads will work over edge for iPhones with out the 3g connection has not been confirmed but I'll take a wild shot in the dark and say there is no question. Yes. Also according to schimanke Apple will be limiting Podcast downloads to 10mb per podcast. Seems a little small but that's the rumor.

    On to the AppStore updates. Looks like the categories feature in the AppStore will be updated a bit in look but not functionality. No major difference, just a little more breathing room between the categories and some little icons to make things look pretty.

    Since I can see the future I will answer the first 10 replies to this thread. No copy paste to mention. No MMS.

    [schimanke via appleinsider]
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