• Do You Blog? Have an iPhone? Wordpress wants your help

    The household name among bloggers everywhere Wordpress is polishing up their next update to their iPhone application with quite a few new features and they need your help. Before they push the update through the AppStore they would like to make sure it is bug free and working great for wordpress users.

    The new features include:
    • Landscape mode with the extra wide keyboard
    • Link creation help
    • Support for editing and creating Pages
    • Comment moderation
    • Asynchronous publishing
    • Photo resizing options

    If you want to help test the app and hurry the update towards the appstore you'll need the iPhone simulator bundled with the SDK and a copy of their app to run in the simulator. If you find any bugs Wordpress asks that you tell them by submitting a ticket.

    If beta testing isn't your thing but you still blog with Wordpress keep your eyes open because this update should be on your way soon!
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