• [Rumor] Grab Toilet Paper in Bulk when you Purchase an iPhone at CostCo

    How much will the iPhone cost in 2009? If the latest rumor is true you'll be able to grab a nice shiny iPhone 3g for the ultra low price of $149 while shopping for bulk quantities of every day items at your local CostCo. The unsubstantiated rumor reports that as soon as January CostCo will be slinging these iPhone ultra cheap at their stores littered across the country.

    $149 seems a little bit cheap and if the rumor is true you might think that there must be some sort of awful catch like a contract for life or only when you buy $4,000 of groceries or some other ridiculous requirement. Personally I wouldn't be surprised if the rumor were true and there was no catch other than the 2 year contract you already have to sign with AT&T. CostCo iPhone for $149 would fit in perfectly with Apple's schemes to put a iPhone in every house in America.

    [techtrader via unwiredview]
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