• [Review] Joost for iPhone Rocks - edit - nevermind

    Just a few days ago Joost released their FREE iPhone app. For those of you that are not familiar with Joost they have a website that allows you to watch streaming high quality movies, shows, and music videos which I personally have been using for ages (back before they streamed to a website and could only be access via a desktop client). The Joost website has a very solid selection of different things to watch and is very pleasent to use. Will their entry into the world of iPhone hold up to my expectations?

    The answer: a resounding yes. The iPhone client available free via the AppStore has to be one of the best ways to watch good quality streaming media on the iPhone. The selection is large, the app is easy to use, and the stream works quickly without lag if you are on a solid wifi network. I recommend Joost to anyone that is looking for a great iPhone app for watching popular video. One of my favorite features of the app is the built in video player interface which allows you to start watching a video and then exit right back into the app -- other comparable solutions that I have used on the iPhone use the standard stock iPhone video player which works okay but it's a lot cooler that Joost took the time to make the video player match their app.

    The Pros
    • Great selection of movies, shows, and music videos.
    • The app looks nice.
    • Side swipe navigation is cool.
    • A search that really works.
    • High quality vids.
    • Built in video player.
    • Can anyone say the magic word? Free.
    • I am a long-time fan of Joost.

    The Cons
    • Sporadic reports of data loss time out which would normally just kill the app for me. In this case I personally haven't had a problem and I believe the issue will be completely be sorted in an update coming soon.
    • You have to be on wifi. Why oh why can't I use it on 3G . (of course us jailbreakers know about Voipover3g -- problem is there have been some issues with Joost).
    • edit: No seriously. The odds of it working are spotty at best. When it works it works great. The next day it does not work. Someone tag a "fix me" sticker on it.

    To sum it up Grab Joost. Trust me. It's free, solid (or soon to be), and awesome.

    sigh. It was working really well for me last night. Today it doesn't work at all.

    Wait for Joost to update whatever they are having issues with then grab it
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