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    basically what this does is load any wallpaper you are currently surfing and place it as your own, without using a computer. now this is all fine and dandy and infact not my sugar, but... i was thinking further... couldnt we use this to initate on the fly theme changes?

    posted and created by Justin Schwalbe

    ok, so prepare for a nerdy post.. ready? mkay, good.

    so i hacked together a quick little “program” for the iphone which will allow the user to change the wallpaper to whatever image they want. now you may be saying “but it already does that..” true, but if you want to grab a picture from an iphone wallpaper site and make it your wallpaper, you need to download it onto your computer, sync it over, blah blah blah. this one is a little different. check out the video.

    thanks to #iphone-shell and all those crazy hackers for everything couldn’t have done this without them!

    update:surprise surprise, people want to know how this works, ok here it is:
    1) get sshd, curl running on your phone. (see tuaw.com for info on that)
    2) put this bookmarklet in your bookmark bar (semi-optional) look familliar? it should, it is basically a hack up of #4.
    3) enable DemoApp in the SpringBoard (again, see tuaw), and put this as the DemoApp file (located in DemoApp.app). (don’t forget to chmod +x it)
    4) close all your safari windows but one, navigate to a website with a picture you like, run the bookmarklet, select the picture, leave that window open but go back to the app menu (the springboard)
    5) run DemoApp, tada!

    That’s great, but what is it actually doing?
    When you click on “DemoApp” it actually is launching a bash script I made. This script will scan thru the contents of a plist file to find out which page Safari currently has open (only works with jpeg’s at the moment–need to get a good binary plist parser loaded on the iPhone.. any ideas?). It then calls curl to download that file, and places it in the proper place. It finishes things off with killing off SpringBoard to make it re-read the file. Voila!
    I actually used Stocks.app, mostly because I don’t have any stocks, so why have an application for it? And the text you see across the screen is actually a png that I took using screen capture, and uploaded it as “Default.png” inside the application’s .app dir.
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