• +++ RELEASE! ModMyI iPhone Skinner +++

    Ladies and gentleman, we are finally on the new server, which means, without further adieu. I'd like to go live with our latest project, the iPhone Skinner.

    The app allows you to upload a background, icons, and a dock to the workspace, and simply drag them onto the iPhone demo on the screen. You can also drag and drop the Display Order directly from the app.

    We have a few features and tweaks we will be adding, as well as getting ya'll a guide on how to use it, etc.

    Basically, this creates an .ipb file, which can be put on your iPhone using InstallIPB by timblade. See this thread for more info.

    Make sure you have your icons and your display order matched up. Again, I will have a full guide up tonight or tomorrow on how to use this properly and how to install .ipb files.

    I know, I know, where is the link?

    iphone skinner

    cash edit:
    Oh yeah forgot to mention.

    This is a free trial, depending on system resource uses this may or may not continue to be a free service and might be moved into a monthly/yearly subscription service for the site. We will monitor the resources this takes and keep it free for as long as possible.
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