• iRingtoner 1.51. Ringtones on Windows WITHOUT JAILBREAK!!

    Get it HERE

    iRingtoner now allows Windows users to upload ringtones to iPhone WITHOUT ANY HACKING!

    Please help me spread the word on other sites and give to all your friends who don't know how to hack the iPhone but still want ringtones!

    I've made it so that it can be used with jailbreak or non-jailbreak phones and I hope I've works out for everybody!!


    - Ryan

    iRingtoner Description
    A simple and easy to use program to transfer ringtones to iPhone without hacking iPhone.

    NOTE: This program does NOT require you to jailbreak iPhone. However, it will work if you do choose to jailbreak iPhone.

    This software has only been tested with iPhone firmware 1.0.2. Use at your own risk.

    Ryan Wahle
    [email protected]


    NEW - jailbreaking iPhone is no longer required. The program does not use jailbreak or any other method to hack iPhone.
    NEW - Single file download. iRingtoner will attempt to find all required libraries while starting.

    FIX - Fixes a bug where the program was crashing because the ringtones directory didn't exist.

    NEW - Added a new user interface with drag and drop
    NEW - You can now delete your custom ringtones

    Initial release.

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