• Geohot Responds to Sony Lawsuit via Rap

    Geohot is no stranger to legal troubles. His latest problems with the law involve Sony suing him for violation of the DMCA, computer fraud and copyright infringement. They have been granted a temporary restraining order which “forbids him from distributing the jailbreak, helping or encouraging others to jailbreak, and distributing information they've learned during the creation of the jailbreak,” according to his Wikipedia page.

    The courts have also ordered Geohot to hand over all computers and storage media used in the creation of any jailbreaking software to Sony’s lawyers. I know I would have a hard time handing over all of my computer equipment to a bunch of lawyers. In response to Sony’s allegations Geohot has posted his opinion on the matter on YouTube. For those of you who enjoy reading along with the lyrics:

    Yo it’s geohot
    And for those who don’t know
    I’m getting sued by Sony
    Let’s take this out of the courtroom and into the streets
    I’m a beast, at the least, you’ll face me in the northeast
    Get my ire up, light my fire
    I’ll go harder then Eminem went at Mariah
    Call me a liar
    Pound me in the *** with no lube, chafing
    You’re ******* with the dude who got the keys to your safe and
    Those that can’t do bring suits
    Cry to your Uncle Sam to settle disputes
    Thought you’d tackle this with a little more tact
    But then again fudgepackers, I don’t know Jack
    I shed a tear every time I think of Lik Sang
    But **** man, they’re a corporation
    And I’m a personification of freedom for all
    You fill dockets, like that’s a concept foreign to y’all
    While lawyers muddy water and TROs stall
    Out of business is jail for me
    And you’re suing me civilly
    Exhibit this in the courtroom
    Go on, do it, I dare you

    Source: 9to5 Mac
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