• AT&T Stores identify & reject unlocked or bricked returns

    Those hoping to sneak a bricked/false IMEI unit by an AT&T rep for return (within 14 days).....

    ...didn't everyone say not to install 1.1.1?

    from a little birdy...

    TIPS for identifying modified software on iPhones:

    Examine all returns closely for signs of possible unlocking or unauthorized software modifications.

    1. When powered on, the network name in the top left corner of the home screen is a carrier other than AT&T.

    2. IMEI etched onto unit does not match IMEI listed under settings/general/about/IMEI.
    3. Customer reports iPhone will not work after upgrading to the new firmware (tethering and accepting a software update).

    Per Apple users who make unauthorized modifications to the software on their iPhone violate their iPhone software license agreement and void their warranty.
    Handsets showing signs of modifications may not be returned at any time.
    Review and understand the warranty and return policies.
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