• v1.1.2 UNOFFICIAL Change Log

    The following changes have been observed after upgrading to the new v1.1.2

    • Faster and smoother operatability, you don't feel the lag anytime during a screen change
    • Apps, including 3rd party, respond to functions must faster.
    • 98% of the Apps for v1.1.1 work (they all haven't been tested yet)
    • The volume of the speakers is more louder and does not tear the speaker on high volumes or pitch sounds.
    • The International support with AppSupport makes it now possible to: Receive service SMS's from banks and other operators which are now readable without the gabbled text
    • The Caller ID works without mentioning the country code before the number in the Address Book.
    • VM Notification now works! (Concurrent problem with Rogers and Fido customers)
    • Processing speed and bus frequency of the processor has been bumped up to 412 MHz CPU Freq. and a 103 MHz Bus Freq. (Originally 400 MHz CPU Freq. and a 100 MHz Bus Freq in v1.1.1). This is documented by SysInfo
    • MUCH BETTER Battery Management : -
      - Wi-Fi life is improved as it now switches into a less power hungry standy mode
      - New standby modes for EDGE and Wi-Fi. EDGE standby icon indicates a blue block instead of "E" and Wi-Fi standy icon indicates grey signal strength instead of blue. In turn, the iPhone now searches for EDGE or Wi-Fi only when prompted by the user (opening Safari, Youtube, etc).
    • When entering a password, the shift key acted as CAPS LOCK in 1.1.1. This has been fixed.
    • When you turn off the phone and turn it back on, it goes straight to the home screen instead of the slider screen.
    • A smooth transition is noticed when switching between the Album cover screen and list screen in iPod.
    • Photo Library being a lot smoother, faster scrolling through pictures.
    • Removed the extra 'Contacts' option from Settings.
    • APN SETTING are not deleted after reboot
    • Custom ring tones are not deleted.

    Please update this thread with your discoveries of the new v1.1.2 change log.

    Keep this thread clean by only adding new Changes found in the update. Please keep it free from ANY Jailbreak/Activation/Unlocking discussions.
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