• The first Peer to Peer iPhone game.

    What? Yeah its true there is finally a p2p iPhone game allowing you to play real live people instead of an AI. What is it? The classic game battleship.

    The game works just how you think it would. Hop on your phone, place your ships, and then play. You hop into the public game and you are automatically connected to someone else waiting to play.

    What else? A live chat is included so you can talk smack to an opponent.

    I know I know ya'll hate web apps, but I personally find this refreshing. It's about time the iPhone's capabilities were put to use and a game was created to compete against a real live human. Also for you diehard web app hates the developer has mentioned that if this is a success he might take the time and energy to code this up into a Native App .

    I for one hope to see more peer to peer iphone native and web app games in the future.

    You can play the game by pointing your iPhone's browser to http://www.teamtpfl.com/iPhone/

    of course this will be added to our web app bookmarking program soon.

    -cash out!
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