• iPhone France, Europe Released + Unlocked Prices

    November 30th, 2007 - 07:34 Manila, Philippines
    November 30th, 2007 - 00:34 France, Europe

    The iPhone is being released today (November 30th) in France, Europe. The network provider is Orange, France. The price including a 2-year contract is the same like in Germany (399.00 Euro). The big surprise though, Orange Telecom is selling a Version of the iPhone for 649.00 Euro without the 2 year contract but that has to be used with their network for 6 month. After that period the iPhone can become SIM-Lock free to use in other networks. If the SIM-Lock wishes to be disabled immediately Orange charges 100.00 more (749.00 Euro total) for the unlocked iPhone.

    The monthly costs for the contract iPhone are similar to those of T-Mobile in Germany and also are coming with the downgrade of surfing speed when a certain download volume is reached within a month.

    T-Mobile is getting into serious trouble now, since the price in the neighbouring country is 250.00 Euro less than they ask for their unlocked iPhone. They have to stick with the idea to keep the price like that (at 999.00 Euro) and most likely to loose most of the customers to Orange or they will also lower the price for the unlocked iPhone and get quite a few angry customers that they have to deal with through money-back or rebate measurements.

    The question is how much influence does Apple have on this kind of competition?

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