• Nokia Receiving Billions From Microsoft to Push Adoption of Windows Phone Platform

    The close relationship between Nokia and Microsoft is coming into focus yet again Monday on the heels of a new strategic partnership between the tech giants defined by Microsoft paying Nokia billions of dollars to help the Windows Phone maker better compete with the likes of Apple in the smartphone space.

    Although the ethics of such practices - essentially getting paid to promote a platform - are being called into question, Nokia Chief Executive Stephen Elop defended the deal at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Following the announcement of the new alliance on Friday, Elop told the media that there's nothing wrong with Microsoft spending billions to push it's mobile phone platform. "This is something I don't think was completely explained," said Elop, the Nokia chief who only a few short months ago was president of Microsoft's Business division.

    Elop said Finland-based Nokia had been courted by Google as well, which sought to persuade it to use its popular Android software for smartphones.
    According to Elop, Microsoft's payments simply recognize that Nokia has "substantial value to contribute." In return for the payout, Nokia will continue to steadily abandon its established Symbian operating system for future smartphones. Instead, Nokia will concentrate on a slate of new devices running Microsoft's Windows Phone platform, which - at present - only represents a marginal fraction of the world's smartphone market.
    At the Barcelona event, Elop was asked whether he's a "Trojan horse" — a Microsoft insider who's penetrated Nokia and steered it in a direction favorable to Microsoft. "The obvious answer is 'No,' " Elop said. "Thanks for asking."
    According to the Associated Press report, analysts have long believed that Google similarly pays manufacturers to use Android, "but no figures have come to light."

    Associated Press
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