• Official Unlocked iPhones - NOT Officially Unlocked?

    Reports have been coming in that the French iPhones which were unlocked by Apple (yup, those ones that cost what amounts to roughly $1,000 USD), are actually NOT working outside of France - basically they were ONLY unlocked for French carriers. Any attempts to use them with OTHER carriers results in no phone functions (SMS, calls, etc) working.

    Can anyone in France or with an Orange-unlocked, French iPhone confirm or debunk this?

    update: Turns out running iWorld (available via Installer) on the phone WILL get it to work. Also, apparently Apple is calling this a "bug" and saying it should be fixed soon.

    UPDATE FURTHER: Orange responds and says "lies, all lies" to these allegations. Apparently, iPhone Atlas, who cited NO sources for their story, apparently did not have their story straight.
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