• What happened? Downtime / Issues.

    Many of you are aware we were down this entire weekend.

    We were scheduled to move to a new server with a new data center early this week. Our server admin, Greg (known as darklordexp on the site) had just moved into his new house (as in the day before), and he and his family returned home from grocery shopping to find the house had burned down.

    Although all our data was saved, and we lost nothing other than time, its been an incredibly rough week for Greg - he lost everything. Thankfully, his fiancee and children are unhurt, which is what matters, when it comes down to it.

    We're on the new box now, and will be adding more servers soon, so you should continue to see highly improved response times and page loads on the ModMy family sites.

    Our thoughts go out to Greg and his family, as we are a week away from Christmas - a rough time for a blow this big. Thanks for all your work, Greg, it means a lot, and I pray your family will have a great Christmas even with the current circumstances!

    It is not our policy to publicly set up donation campaigns due to some past situations, but if you would like to contribute, visit the following link: http://explicit-hosting.com/payeh.php?fname=mmi. Thanks.
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