• wiSync - sync your iPhone via WiFi

    wiSync is the wireless syncing solution for your Mac and iPhone.


    We've partnered up with the iFrancis development team to release wiSync, a wireless sync solution for the iPhone. At the moment it allows you to install and configure wiToggle, a native app for your iPhone. With wiSync, you can set a folder on your Mac which the iPhone will sync files with on a given schedule, or when you manually choose to sync.

    wiSync currently does NOT support actual iTunes syncing (of music, contacts, calendar, etc) via WiFi, although that is planned for a future development within the next 30 days.

    For more information including installation, download, and usage instructions, check out:


    The iFrancis team will also soon be releasing two more utilities:

    1) wiBackup, which backs up your notes, SMS, contacts, call history, etc. This may eventually become part of wiSync.
    2) iInstaller. Easily install applications from your computer to your iPhone, no SFTP or SSH knowledge required!
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