• Camera Pro brings Zoom, Timer, Burst Mode, and more to the iPhone Camera

    Clever cats Makayma Software have developed an app which allows you to have a much fuller set of features on your iPhone's camera. Meant as a replacement app to the iPhone camera, this app runs $19.95 (you can use it free, but you don't get all the features), and includes the following features:

    Free Features:
    • Digital Zoom
    • Black and White
    • Image Size
    • Auto-orientation

    "Premium" Features (stuff you get if you pay the $19.99):
    • Self Timer
    • Burst Mode
    • Silent Shutter (for when you want her to think you're just sending a text )

    "Premium" Features Coming Soon (price will go up to $29.99 then, supposedly):
    • Manual Exposure
    • Shutter Speed
    • Scene Mode

    All in all, a very cool app, stuff Apple should have included from the beginning.

    Available via Installer.
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