• MMi Public Service Announcement - Malicious Installer Source Warning

    It has come to my attention that the people responsible for the JMCO source jmwiki.com have intentionally created a malicious source with the sole intention of mucking up people's iPhones.

    This source adds an app in installer that pretends to be an update of erica's utilities. The app appears in installer as 113 prep.

    Once installed all this app does is it says "shoes." When uninstalled this app removes a lot of files from the /bin directory on the iphone, breaking valid apps like sendfile and other erica utilities.

    ModMyI recommends that you DO NOT install 113 prep. We further recommend that you abandon the use of the JMCO source and remove it from your installer app.

    It is a shame to see that people in our community are set on causing problems for others, their actions are not admirable.

    Help us get out the word to everyone as quickly as possible and Digg This

    Edit: You might note that when I say your bin directory i of course am talking about var/root/bin/ --- Also this source is installed when you instal the Blaze Source.

    Will be updating a list of things this messes up
    • Erica's Utilities
    • OpenSSH
    • Launcher
    • Doom

    After STE (most of the .xml was taken directly from STE packaging but used in a malicious manner) called the number listed on the domain registration it turns out the person who is responsible is actually an 11 year old. STE has talked to his father and has been assured that the site will be removed tonight.

    Update #2:

    The Site hosting the malicious source has been taken down.

    Update #3:

    Symantec has listed this as the first sighting of a malicious iPhone attempt.

    thanks francis and deathhobbit
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