• Your iPhone Listens to Music Too? Listen.app

    Erica Sudan has come up with another little ingenious app called Listen. Believe it or not, just hold your iphone up to some music, and your iphone will happily list the song, artist and album! Never again will you have to ask everyone around you "what's that song again?"

    For now you can visit Erica's Site to download and then install manually but Ste Packaging should have it on their installer source very soon. Very Cool App!

    [via tuaw] thanks Erica for the tip . . . and the app of course

    edit: Ste has it up on his installer source now
    second edit: if you like it give it some digg love

    third edit: the service is disabled for good it looks like. the owners of the music db apparently don't like people freely accessing it.
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