• [Release] colloQ IRC Client - everything you wish mColloquy would do.

    ModMyI is happy to announce the release of colloQ by mbranes, a heavily modified version of the original mColloquy for the iPhone.

    From mbranes google code:
    ColloQ was inspired by my early experiences with mColloquy. Thrilled at finding a functioning IRC client for the iPhone, I also found myself saying "I wish it did X ... I wish it did Y ... why doesn't it have Z?" The source code was publicly available, so I thought what better way to learn iPhone programming than to tinker with an existing app.
    colloQ is feature packed with many things that you just need to have in an irc client including:
    • More notifications are visible: joins, parts, nick changes, etc.
    • Channel/PM timestamp
    • Activity notification on main chats screen
    • Channel member list allows access to user functions:
    • Start/Resume PM
    • Op, Deop
    • Ban, Kick
    • PM views now include a "Close PM" button
    • Fonts and icons are now smaller - screen real estate is precious!
    • "slash" commands: /join, /me, /msg, /query, /nick, /ns, /cs, /ms, /os, /raw

    Also many of the bugs from the original mColloquy have been fixed including loss of first message and the all annoying crash when following web links!

    For more information please refer to the google code page.

    This is an Official ModMyI release and is available through our installer source. You will find it under the Network menu in Installer.

    Also, be sure to come join us on the ModMyI IRC channel. #ModMyI on irc.moofspeak.net!!!!!

    Oh and can't forget, some screenies

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