• HowTo: Jailbreak iDevices Untethered (and preserve iPhone Baseband) with PwnageTool 4.2

    Step 1: Download PwnageTool 4.2 here. Also Download the appropriate 4.2.1 firmware bundle (available from Apple). For the walkthrough I used an AT&T iPhone 4.

    Step 2: Open PwnageTool and click 'Expert Mode' at the top, then click the device you'd like to jailbreak.

    Step 3: Click "Browse for IPSW and browse for the firmware bundle you downloaded (should be firmware 4.2.1)

    Step 4: Click 'General' and select functions as needed.
    • 'Activate the phone' - Hacktivates the phone if previously unlocked
    • 'Enable baseband update' - Performs the baseband update (DO NOT CHECK THIS IF YOU RELY ON A ULTRASNOW UNLOCK)
    • There are options to re-enable functionality, which are specifically for the iPhone 3G. If you need them, check them off.

    Step 5: Click the arrow to apply the changes.

    Step 6: Install custom packages and cydia sources as needed, then click build to save your custom IPSW file, you may be asked to enter your Mac OS user password.

    Step 7: When prompted, connect your device via USB and follow the instructions for entering DFU mode.

    Step 8: Open iTunes. iTunes will tell you it has detected a device in recovery mode. IMPORTANT: PRESS OPTION AND CLICK RESTORE. Do not simply press restore, this will upgrade your device to stock 4.2.1, and WILL upgrade your baseband (which is irreversible). A dialog box will open and allow you to choose the firmware bundle to restore with. Choose the custom created bundle.

    Step 9: Wait for the restore to complete, and enjoy your untethered jailbreak! Unlockers on an unlockable baseband can simply install ultrasn0w and unlock. Enjoy!
    This article was originally published in forum thread: HowTo: Jailbreak iDevices Untethered (and preserve iPhone Baseband) with PwnageTool 4.2 started by Matt Savoca View original post
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