• iPhone software development to be locked down by Apple?

    It was only a matter of time till the serious iPhone SDK rumors started flying, and with Apple's Town Hall event next Thursday, it's possible some of what we're hearing is right on. If that's the case, prepare to be letdown in a major way. According to iLounge, Apple will be severely restricting access on software for the iPhone and iPod touch, only allowing apps to be downloaded through iTunes, hand-picking which applications will make it to the store, and cutting off developer's access to accessories which interface with the dock connector. Of course, this is just about what we expected from Steve, since he's already lauded Nokia for its S60 verification scheme. Additionally, the report claims that the SDK we see next week will be an incomplete beta, with the full version rolling out in June to coincide with the WWDC. Thinking of any good reasons to keep jailbreaking your phone? Yeah, us too.
    source: http://www.engadget.com/2008/02/29/i...down-by-apple/

    PF EDIT: An update from Electronista looks like this method of delivery for apps will only be adhered to by Apple in regards to FOR PAY apps. Free apps will not have to be released through iTunes, nor will they be subject to the same scrutinizing and approval from Apple.
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